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  1. Braided Trainingcord™ Set

    Braided Trainingcord™ Set

    Tthe Braided Trainingcord™ Set to bring your bench press workouts to the next level. These will increase resistance and gain added control, while decreasing unwanted momentum during explosive movements. Includes three resistance levels ranging from very light, light, to medium. Resistance levels can be found on the handle of each Trainingcord™.
  2. 50-Yard Flat Band Bulk Roll

    50-Yard Flat Band Bulk Roll

    The SPRI® 50-Yard Flat Band Bulk Roll is great for physical therapy, personal practices, chiropractics, aquatics, seniors, children and travel. They bring resistance to any workout and build strength and tone muscles. These flat bands are sold as a 50-yard (150-feet) bulk roll, letting you choose your desired length and customize your workouts. Available in Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy
  3. Braided Xertube®

    Braided Xertube®

    The Braided Xertube® offers all the same benefits as other standard tubes, and then some. The braided rope-like construction makes this the toughest tube in the market. The handle not only provides comfort, but also allows all four tubes to come through the connector independently, making the Braided Xertube® durable enough for any type of exercise. Anchor this tube to any secure object, step on it, or use with a partner for variety in your resistance training. Color-coded resistances range from very light to ultra heavy.
  4. Braided Xertube Plus

    Braided Xertube Plus

    The Braided Xertube Plus is designed to be extra long for maximum training versatility. The unique 4 braid design keeps up with intense strength training demands. You can wrap the braided tube around, under, or over any stable surface for all types of dynamic integrated movement patterns. You can also step on it or loop it around your leg for fitness on the go. Also great for training with a partner. Available in 5 resistances: very light, light, medium, heavy, and ultra heavy.
  5. Braided Xertube Trainer

    Braided Xertube Trainer

    This new generation of Xertube® is designed with SPRI's patented braided tubing technology, built specifically for dynamic, high resistance exercise. The Braided Xertube® Trainer has two 36" strands of braided tubing that can be connected to a durable nylon loop that can be attached to any sturdy surface, or held by a training partner to maximize your resistance training workouts. Sold individually. Color-coded levels of resistance ranging from very light to ultra heavy.
  6. The Original Xertube®

    The Original Xertube®

    Use the Original Xertube® to isolate targeted muscle groups through a full range of motion to strengthen and tone arms, chest, shoulders, and back. This versatile tool is perfect for group exercise, personal training, and even travel. The progressive resistance levels also make this tool ideal for all fitness levels. Heavy-duty, high quality tubing resists tears and abrasions.
  7. Xertube® With Foam Handles

    Xertube® With Foam Handles

    Get the same resistance workout, but prevent your hands from getting sore with the Xertube® With Foam Handles. Padded foam handles provide additional comfort and easier grip when you're working out, allowing you to intensify your resistance training.
  8. Xertube® With Sleeve

    Xertube® With Sleeve

    The Xertube® With Sleeve has all of the same benefits and high quality construction as other Xertubes, plus a protective 34" sleeve. This sleeved tube is ideal for carpeted or rough surfaces, protecting you and your training environment. The hard handles provide durable grip during your most intense workouts.
  9. The Original Step Tube™

    The Original Step Tube™

    Take your step workout up to the next level with The Original Step Tube™. A rubber sleeve protects this tube from abrasive step surfaces, giving serious steppers the perfect way to add a variety of strength-training options to their cardio workouts. This tube is also extra long so it can be use with steps and platforms.
  10. Ultra Toner™

    Ultra Toner™

    The Ultra Toner™ is designed to tone your upper body by performing single and double arm exercises with rubber resistance. The lightweight feel makes this exercise tool great for travel and easy to store.

Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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