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Legend Fitness is an international fitness equipment manufacturer based in East Tennessee. The folks here are more likely to speak of pickup trucks than private jets and for decades we have brought the Southern sense of value and hard work to the strength and fitness equipment world.

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  1. Performance Plyo Cushion Set #3231

    Performance Plyo Cushion Set #3231

    Provides seven height options, from six to 42 inches. Engages stabilization muscles more than traditional steel boxes. Removing the risk of shin pain encourages the user to attempt higher jumps, resulting in greater gains. Round design eliminates unstable corner landings.
  2. Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled #3262

    Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled #3262

    Multiple strap attachment points and handle options. Tall Olympic-sized posts are removable and act as additional push handles. Frame can be loaded with kettlebells. Sled feet are replaceable.
  3. Pull Sled #3219

    Pull Sled #3219

    Centrally located weight peg. Supplied with a nylon web leash. Fully welded. Available in black only.
  4. Double-Sided Pro Series Monster Hooks

    Double-Sided Pro Series Monster Hooks

    The Double-Sided Pro Series Monster Hooks are easy to use, have a long and deep profile, and are fully welded with the exception of the replaceable polymer contact surface. This contact surface is tough enough to suffer through lots of high and heavy drops, yet never chip or flake like a hook with steel contact surfaces. Furthermore, the energy-absorbing properties of the polymer suppress the tendency of a dropped bar to bounce out, and it protects the knurling on the bar. Built with the same rock solid two-peg design as our standard Monster Hooks, but designed to hang on the front of the posts and provide places to rack two bars (one inside and one outside) instead of just one. Sold as a pair.
  5. Pro Series Safety Straps

    Pro Series Safety Straps

    Safety straps offer some advantages when they are used in place of spotter arms. They damper noise when bars are dropped, protect the knurling on bars, and can be positioned to roll a bar away from a training athlete or powerlifter in the event of a missed lift. Designed to be easily and quickly adjusted, the Pro Series Safety Straps by Legend Fitness consist of two fully welded racking brackets with heavy duty bolts holding 3″ wide, heavy duty, double-layered black nylon straps. There is no removing of the straps to adjust things, and once mounted, the Pro Series Safety Straps can be easily removed and swapped for standard safety arms. The straps are 36″ long, so the Pro Series Safety Straps can only be used with our Pro Series full cages (the 3221, the 3264, and the 3321). Rated at 58,800 lbs tensile strength, per strap. Because that’s how we do things. Sold in pairs.
  6. Chalk Bowl/Pedestal #3259

    Chalk Bowl/Pedestal #3259

    This is a simple chalk bowl. On a pedestal. Nothing fancy, just built to survive the rough and tumble atmosphere of a stronger man's weight room. Stainless steel bowl affixed to a fully welded and powder coated pedestal.
  7. LeverEDGE Unilateral Diverging Seated Vertical Row

    LeverEDGE Unilateral Diverging Seated Vertical Row

    The world's best way to blast your back and arms without a spotter but within a small footprint. Unilateral design keeps a strong arm from compensating for a weak arm and the adjustable pads, multiple grips and multiple footing options keep the body mechanics honest for a variety of body types.
  8. LeverEDGE Unilateral Converging Vertical Wide Chest

    LeverEDGE Unilateral Converging Vertical Wide Chest

    Get all the benefits of a converging chest press but in a smaller footprint. No need for a spotter to get a thorough chest workout, just step aboard and admire the smooth action of the heavy duty pillow block bearings and the carefully engineered ergonomics
  9. Vertical Row

    Vertical Row

    You would never deny the aesthetics of the Vertical Row, but there's more. Work your lats and rear delts with a new vengeance. An adjustable seat puts you correctly in position, and the comfortable chest pad reduces lower back involvement. Multiple handgrip positions give new meaning to the word ISOLATION.
  10. Peg Squat Rack #3138

    Peg Squat Rack #3138

    The Peg Squat Rack provides the most convenient and safest way to perform squats. This commercial piece of fitness equipment is a staple in the free weight room. Constructed of 3 x 3 tubing, it is designed to take the heaviest loads and keep on going. Squat with confidence with this squat rack.

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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