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  1. TrakHandle Sport cable attachment

    TrakHandle Sport cable attachment

    The patented TrakHandle Sport is included on cable machines by the worlds premium fitness brands including TuffStuff, Promaxima and Pulse Fitness. Trak Fitness handles are the only handles that allow multi-plane movements via our patented 3-axis rotation technology. Maximize gains with Full Range of Motion exercises. Improve neuromuscular efficiency. Avoid muscle imbalance and arthrokinetic dysfunction caused by using other exercise handles.
  2. TrakHandle Pro-X cable attachment

    TrakHandle Pro-X cable attachment

    The patented TrakHandle™ Pro-X is the most versatile, ergonomically advanced cable exercise handle available. The TrakHandle™ incorporates three axes of rotation that provide unprecedented mobility and range of motion for your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders. Watch this video to learn about the functionality of our equipment. (Please note that the TrakHandle Pro-X is an improved version of the TrakHandle Pro used in this video. However, the functionality of both handles are the same. We will post an updated video in the near future)
  3. TrakRow cable attachment

    TrakRow cable attachment

    The TrakRow is the most functionally advanced cable rowing attachment available. By combining two of our TrakHandle™ Pro-X handles with our patent pending TrakRow™ , we have created a versatile cable pull bar that is a functional quantum leap over existing cable attachments. The TrakRow’s™ 9-inch spread is perfect for close grip work, including pulldowns, pushdowns, curls and rowing exercises. The TrakRow™ like our TrakBars™ , provide four axis of rotation which makes them the most functionally advanced cable bars in the industry. You can now achieve perfect form throughout an entire exercise movement and eliminate impingement and discomfort that sometimes accompanies exercises such as the upright row. The TrakRow is the only rowing attachment that allows a user to rotate their wrists throughout the exercise, allowing them to perfectly mimic an actual rowing stroke. The TrakRow™ is constructed with high quality die cast aluminum. The pins are stainless steel with push button operation for ease of use and are secured to the bar with stainless steel lanyards. The TrakRow™ requires two TrakHandle Pro-X handles for use.

3 Item(s)

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