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  1. PRO SERIES Olympic Decline Bench #3243

    PRO SERIES Olympic Decline Bench #3243

    For the definition and "lift" that you need for your chest workout, our Pro Series Olympic Decline is the finest there is. The 3243 has several features that differentiate if from our standard Olympic decline: • Angled uprights keep bar catches within reach/out of the way for freedom of movement • Scratch-resistant, 3/8 inch chrome-plated carbon steel Multi-Catch Racking System • CAD developed, w/ minimal bolt usage that eases installation, but without compromises to stability & strength • Integrated, chrome plated plate storage • Resistance band pegs provide you with more workout options
  2. PRO SERIES Olympic Shoulder Bench #3242

    PRO SERIES Olympic Shoulder Bench #3242

    Looking more like a barbarian king's throne than an Olympic bench, the Pro Series Olympic Shoulder is one fully featured device. Featuring dual uprights and chrome plated multi-racking front and rear for increased safety and to give the user the option of working the barbell in front of the head o...
  3. Curl Pedestal

    Curl Pedestal

    The sturdy starting and ending point for all of your curl bar exercises. Handy weight storage pegs allow you to quickly change and add plates, keeping you in the flow of your workout.
  4. Ultimate Preacher Curl #3114-PS

    Ultimate Preacher Curl #3114-PS

    Take our already outstanding seated preacher curl with its welded construction, correct geometry and high density padding, then add a welded forward extension with chrome plated weight storage and resistance band pegs for the ultimate in focused arm strength training. The resistance band anchor points allow users to vary their routine and reach for more strength than ever before, while the attached weight storage reduces the time between sets. In the end, you have a device dedicated to making your arms explode. But in a good way.
  5. Varsity Glute/Ham Developer

    Varsity Glute/Ham Developer

    A big hit in the CrossFit community this GHD is our most economical solution for exercising the core and posterior chain. Bolt-together design makes shipping more affordable as well, but flanges on the bolted joints keep things strong and sturdy. Forged pop pins provide secure adjustments. Comes with split pad.
  6. Three-Way Utility with Spotter Platform #3216

    Three-Way Utility with Spotter Platform #3216

    The Three-Way Utility needs no explanation. Simple? Yes. Plain? Hardly. It adjusts from 0 to 85 degrees in a flash, and can be rolled about easily with one hand. Look no further for a bench that sets the standard. What are you training? Chest, shoulders, arms, or back?
  7. PRO SERIES Self-Adjusting Three-Way #3222

    PRO SERIES Self-Adjusting Three-Way #3222

    A single pop pin adjusts both the seat elevation and backrest to one of six adjustment angles. Comes standard with an attached diamond plate spotter's platform that allows using a spotter anywhere in the weight room, not just at the very back of the cage. Wheels and a foam rubber-coated handle provide easy transport around the gym floor.
  8. Standing Preacher Curl #3166

    Standing Preacher Curl #3166

    The arm pad is two-feet wide and heavily padded with two-inch thick dense foam, which is contoured specifically over the top and into the chest area to allow comfort and support. It also adjusts all the way up to a height of 58 inches.
  9. PRO SERIES Prone High Row #3225

    PRO SERIES Prone High Row #3225

    This unique device allows the user the hit the upper/mid back, rear deltoids, triceps and trapezoids like nothing else, while fully supporting the torso. This full torso support helps isolate the targeted muscles and allows users with lower back injuries to continue to build strength
  10. Squat Stool #3143

    Squat Stool #3143

    The mighty mite to your arsenal. A trio of features accents the straightforward, strong design — big steel, a solid all-welded frame and thick padding. Adjusts from 15.25 inches up to 21.25 inches in 2-inch increments.

Items 21 to 30 of 140 total

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