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  1. Lat Pulldown Add on

    Lat Pulldown Add on

    The forward-aligned pulley is carefully located to encourage correct form for the lat pulldown movement. Adjustable thigh pad provides stabilization for a wide variety of user heights.
  2. Adjustable Cable

    Adjustable Cable

    Adjustment tube has 22-positions, located 3" apart. The 2:1 lifting ratio provides for decreased inertia. Includes user-side weight shield.
  3. Triceps Pushdown Add on

    Triceps Pushdown Add on

    Overhead pulley location allows for a greater variety in body position.
  4. JF Functional Trainer

    JF Functional Trainer

    The Freedom of a Power Rack with the Safety of a Smith Machine! Our patented barbell motion provides for an almost unlimited array of exercises. Smith Machines only move vertically, not allowing for natural body movement. The Jones moves both vertically and horizontally, allowing for unlimited, user-defined motion. Because the body’s natural movements can be utilized within the Jones, all free weight exercise can be performed.


    The PT1 Power Tower offers a multitude of traditional power exercises as well as functional exercises. It has a unique cable system allows for both 1/2 and 1/4 resistance. Its V-shaped base provides easy access for optional bench or stability ball.
  6. Multi Functional Press GMFP-STK

    Multi Functional Press GMFP-STK

    The ProSelect Multi press is the most versatile selectorized piece in the Body-Solid line. With built in functional training arms, the GMFP-STK allows for vertical chest presses, incline and decline presses from a multi-adjustable seated position.
  7. M1 Multi Gym

    M1 Multi Gym

    The M1 Multi-Gym - the Ultimate Cable Gym It's all about freedom! The M1 Multi-Gym is the ultimate cable gym. What's so great about cables? A lot. All six pull points on the M1 require the user to balance the weight as exercises are performed. This builds coordination as stabilizer muscles are recruited for balance. The freedom of cable resistance also allows for greater range of motion, further increasing muscle fiber involvement and improving results. If you are looking for a sculpted body in record time, look no further. The M1 is the answer.

7 Item(s)

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