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  1. 300 Lb Olympic Weight Set with Chrome Bar

    300 Lb Olympic Weight Set with Chrome Bar

    This set consists of the following components: (2) O-045 lb., (2) O-035 lb., (2) O-025 lb. and (1) OSS-046 – 2 pcs. of O-010 lb., 4 pcs. of O-005 lb., 2 pcs. of O-02.5 lb. and 2 TOZC-1/2 spring collars. (1) GOB-86 or (1) GOB-86B 7’ Olympic bar completes the set. All plates are Olympic 2” gray plates.
  2. U-70 Stage (5-40 lbs)

    U-70 Stage (5-40 lbs)

    Has a weight range of 5-40 lbs per hand. Replaces 15 pairs of dumbbells or 615 lbs of free weights. Expandable later to 60 lbs and again to 70 lbs per hand.
  3. U-33 Club Set (3-33 lbs)

    U-33 Club Set (3-33 lbs)

    Has weight range from 3-33 lbs. Replaces 25 pairs of dumbbells or 866 lbs of free weights.
  4. U-50 Club Set

    U-50 Club Set

    The U-50 Club Set replaces 9 pairs of dumbbells or 540 lbs of free weights in the space of 1 pair. Includes 10-50 lbs per hand in 5 lb increments.
  5. Club KettleBlock Handle

    Club KettleBlock Handle

    The Club KettleBlock Handle can be used with Club 50 or Club 90 Sets. Simply replace dumbbell handle with KettleBlock handle to do kettlebell exercises. Will replace 9 kettlebells or 270 lbs of kettlebells when used with Club 50 Set. Will replace 5 kettlebells or 150 lbs of kettlebells when used with Club 90 Set.
  6. U-90 Set, 5-125

    U-90 Set, 5-125

    • Has a weight range of 5-125 lbs per hand • Replaces 34 pairs of dumbbells or 3935 lbs of free weights
  7. U-90 Urethane Stage I (5-50 Lb. Per Hand Expandable)

    U-90 Urethane Stage I (5-50 Lb. Per Hand Expandable)

    • Has weight range from 5-50 lbs • Replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells or 825 lbs of free weights • Expandable to 70 lbs, again to 90 lbs and further to 125 lbs per hand
  8. U-32 Club Set

    U-32 Club Set

    The U-32 Club Set has a weight range of 4-32 lbs per hand The U-32 will replace 8 pairs of dumbbells or 288 lbs of free weights

8 Item(s)

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