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Legend Fitness is an international fitness equipment manufacturer based in East Tennessee. The folks here are more likely to speak of pickup trucks than private jets and for decades we have brought the Southern sense of value and hard work to the strength and fitness equipment world.

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  1. Legend Fitness SelectEDGE Functional Trainer

    Legend Fitness SelectEDGE Functional Trainer

    The ultimate in versatility from the premium SelectEDGE line, this functional trainer features the style and functionality that modern fitness facilities demand. The sleek design is indicative of our advanced SelectEDGE line, but this device is more than just a pretty face. Aviation-grade sheathed cables glide across PowerMax pulleys with shielded bearings.
  2. Performance Series Power Rack #3121

    Performance Series Power Rack #3121

    When it comes to power rack essentials, the Legend Fitness 3121 is definitely the Essentials, but with a burly, powder coated capital E. There's only four posts so the 3121 is an excellent choice for those with limited budgets and space, but there's enough room inside to do what you need to do. Speaking of those posts, they are hewn from 3x3 inch, 11 gauge steel and feature 2-inch hole spacing with laser-cut numbering. The standard top crossmember is a pull-up bar with a round cross section, and the standard j-hooks are welded from multiple pieces to be the strongest in the industry. All that, plus an long list of available upgrades means that the the Legend Power Rack is a cage that can grow with you.
  3. Varsity Power Rack #3121-V

    Varsity Power Rack #3121-V

    Designed to fit the budget of most any strength enthusiast but strong enough to withstand enthusiastic use, the Varsity Power Rack is the most economical rack in our esteemed lineup. Like the Louie Simmons Combo Cage, this cage is constructed of 2-inch square tubing instead of the usual 3-inch, but don't worry. The uprights are fully welded and the usual Legend quality means that this cage won't let you down.
  4. Performance Series Power Cage #3133

    Performance Series Power Cage #3133

    The foundation of our Performance Series line of American made cages, the Power Cage has the most accessories and options of any cage in the Legend lineup. Fabricated entirely of big, beefy 3? square tubing, the Power Cage has tons of features. Hole spacing on the uprights is 2? center-to-center to maximize adjustability. Three feet of room is inside the massive uprights, 12 welded chrome pegs stand out in the rear for weight storage, the welded J-hooks are the strongest in the industry, a chin bar is included, and it has a strong, wide base that is five feet from front to rear. And when used with a Three-Way Utility Bench, every major lift can be accomplished in one location.
  5. Performance Series Half Cage 3142

    Performance Series Half Cage 3142

    The premier half cage. This is our top-selling cage among high schools. The Legend Fitness Half Cage features an open design wide enough and deep enough to accomplish all of your goals, yet its footprint is small enough to allow you to keep more space in your weight room. A 3? x 3? frame with only 8 frame bolts (compared with the competition's 20 or more) means that this is the most rigid half cage you'll look at today. Or any day. Other class-leading features include 2-inch hole spacing for the ultimate in flexibility for hook and spotter arm placement, 12 chrome weight horns (again, welded to the frame, not bolted), the strongest welded J-hooks in the world, extended rear and side feet for extra stability and safety, and two very tough spotter arms with wear guards.
  6. Performance Series Double-Sided Half Cage #3155

    Performance Series Double-Sided Half Cage #3155

    It's all in a day's work when you incorporate the Double-Sided Half Cage into your training. You'll be amazed at how quickly workouts can be completed when two athletes can train simultaneously. Long safety arms stand guard for when the load becomes too much. The Double-Sided Half Cage can be bolted to a lifting platform or be used totally alone. Besides being infinitely adjustable, this power station features generous plate storage, the strongest welded J-hooks in the industry, a standard chin bar and a "FAT BAR" chin bar for training variety. Now available with 2-inch hole spacing (center-to-center) as standard.
  7. Performance Series Fat Bar Power Station #3171

    Performance Series Fat Bar Power Station #3171

    The perfect training tool for any serious training, any exercise can be done safely and effectively with this unbeatable combination. Identical to the 3141 Power Station except in that it has two upper pull-up bar crossmembers as opposed to one. One pull-up bar is 1ΒΌ inch in diameter, the other is the 2 inch Fat Bar for increasing grip strength. Constructed with 3-inch, 11 gauge tubing with a durable powder coat finish, the 3171 is ready to suspend the weight of your choice. Features include chrome-finished, welded weight storage and the strongest welded J-hooks in the industry. Open top design gives you all the headroom you need for overhead exercises. Extra versatility is now available in that all hole spacing is two inches center-to-center.
  8. PRO SERIES Power Cage #3221

    PRO SERIES Power Cage #3221

    This imposing piece of equipment towers over the weight room. It is, quite simply, the strongest and most versatile cage on the market. Period. Designed and made in Maynardville, Tennessee to shoulder the load for the most discerning athletes the world over, the Legend Pro Series Power Cage is world class.
  9. PRO SERIES Double-Sided Half Cage #3227

    PRO SERIES Double-Sided Half Cage #3227

    The ideal in powerful strength development while maximizing floor space, the 3227 Double-Sided Half Cage has all the regular features of the class-leading 3226 Pro Series Half Cage, but this time there are two of them back to back, allowing you to quickly process your athletes through the most demanding of strength training exercises.
  10. PRO SERIES Half Cage #3226

    PRO SERIES Half Cage #3226

    The not-so-little brother to the 3221 Power Cage, the Pro Series Half Cage doesn't cut back on anything but floor space. The chosen cage of D1 Sports Training, Competitive Edge Sports and Athletic Republic, the Legend Fitness Pro Series Half Cage features only 12 frame bolts but dozens of features and accessories. Monster Hooks with advanced polymer contact surfaces, 7 gauge chrome racking, and made in East Tennessee quality is standard with every cage, as well as a multi-grip chin up bar, resistance band pegs, Olympic bar storage, and 3? x 2? adjustable bar catches.

Items 1 to 10 of 33 total

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