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  1. PRO SERIES Power Cage #3221

    PRO SERIES Power Cage #3221

    This imposing piece of equipment towers over the weight room. It is, quite simply, the strongest and most versatile cage on the market. Period. Designed and made in Maynardville, Tennessee to shoulder the load for the most discerning athletes the world over, the Legend Pro Series Power Cage is world class.
  2. PRO SERIES Double-Sided Half Cage #3227

    PRO SERIES Double-Sided Half Cage #3227

    The ideal in powerful strength development while maximizing floor space, the 3227 Double-Sided Half Cage has all the regular features of the class-leading 3226 Pro Series Half Cage, but this time there are two of them back to back, allowing you to quickly process your athletes through the most demanding of strength training exercises.
  3. PRO SERIES Half Cage #3226

    PRO SERIES Half Cage #3226

    The not-so-little brother to the 3221 Power Cage, the Pro Series Half Cage doesn't cut back on anything but floor space. The chosen cage of D1 Sports Training, Competitive Edge Sports and Athletic Republic, the Legend Fitness Pro Series Half Cage features only 12 frame bolts but dozens of features and accessories. Monster Hooks with advanced polymer contact surfaces, 7 gauge chrome racking, and made in East Tennessee quality is standard with every cage, as well as a multi-grip chin up bar, resistance band pegs, Olympic bar storage, and 3? x 2? adjustable bar catches.
  4. PRO SERIES Modular Power Cage #3263

    PRO SERIES Modular Power Cage #3263

    Despite the fact that Legend Pro Series pens have been CAD created to use as few latches as could be allowed to give a definitive in structural inflexibility, there are those that still longing a framework that makes things a stride further. Initially created to meet the particular requests of Coach Chip Pugh of TTU, the 3263 Pro Series Modular Cage gimmicks everything that you might as of now be acquainted with in the 3221 Pro Series Power Cage, however kills the back lower crossmember for an exceptionally open stroll through configuration, uses low profile level steel rather than steel tubing as the "feet" of the pen, and afterward includes the capacity for the pens to be joined together utilizing 72-inch back connectors and 96-inch side connectors - each with multi-grasp draw up stations.
  5. PRO SERIES Power Station #3215

    PRO SERIES Power Station #3215

    Originally designed to fulfill a design requirement for Ohio State University, the Pro Series Power Station was designed in the "multi rack" style of racks to provide unlimited overhead room for standing military presses, push presses, etc. while still providing all the safety of a full cage.
  6. PRO SERIES Triple Power Cage #3321

    PRO SERIES Triple Power Cage #3321

    A heavier-duty version of our 3209 Triple Power Cage. The “triple” part of the name comes from the fact that it provides the user with three different exercise zones. It’s three Three THREE cages in one! On one side, there’s a half cage. On the other, there’s a full power cage with outside hooks and safety arms.
  7. PRO SERIES Modular Half Cage #3264

    PRO SERIES Modular Half Cage #3264

    The 3264 Modular Half Cage features an open walk-through design with low profile footplates, the ability to add more functionality through bolt-in modules, and the ability to be bolted to other Legend modular cages, resulting in a shared rigidity benefit

7 Item(s)

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