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  1. Arm Curl - Cable VR1

    Arm Curl - Cable VR1

    The intuitive design of the VR1 cable-based arm curl makes it an easy machine to use — sit down, reach over the arm pad, grab the bar, and pull. Because it is cable-based, it requires no axis of rotation alignment.
  2. Arm Curl - Traditional VR1

    Arm Curl - Traditional VR1

    The input arm adjusts automatically to accommodate varying forearm lengths.
  3. Arm Extension - Cable VR1

    Arm Extension - Cable VR1

    The intuitive design with pushdown positioning eliminates the need for adjustments or aligning the elbow with the axis of rotation. This is the classic exercise most users are familiar with — and a familiar motion is often one that encourages greater use.
  4. Row VR1

    Row VR1

    The VR1 dependent motion offers a feeling of security to new and average users. By having both arms working together in a fixed plane, the exercise feels better controlled for a comfortable and secure training movement.
  5. Leg Press VR 3

    Leg Press VR 3

    VR3 has the traditional safe and secure feeling that is achieved by moving the footplate with the legs and keeping the body stationary. The unique CYBEX four-bar linkage orientation offers greater hip range of motion and hip extensor involvement by providing a descending path of motion.
  6. Leg Extension VR 3

    Leg Extension VR 3

    This CYBEX patented technology adjusts the machine to the user rather than the user to the machine. Regardless of the starting position selected, the cam remains synchronized with each individual user. RLD (Range Limiting Device) varies the leverage to maintain the correct level of force throughout the range of motion while taking into account each user's limits and abilities. Start RLD (adjustable start only) provides start positions every 10 degrees. Total RLD (adjustable start and finish) provides start and end positions every 10 degrees. VR3 offers Start RLD and Total RLD as optional features.
  7. Dip/Chin Assist VR 3

    Dip/Chin Assist VR 3

    Many dip/chin machines operate from a kneeling position which makes them less accessible and more difficult to exit - particularly for seniors. [Going from a kneeling to standing position is more difficult than the CYBEX design which is standing to standing.] Steps allow easy ingress and egress.
  8. Arm Curl VR 3

    Arm Curl VR 3

    VR3 user positioning for the Arm Curl provides an adjustable seat height which gets the shoulder in the right place for proper and safe lifting. The angled pad supports the full length of the upper arm to eliminate unwanted shoulder movement.
  9. Lateral Raise VR 3

    Lateral Raise VR 3

    The lateral raise is a machine intended to train the medial deltoid which is exactly what CYBEX does in the VR3. The location of the medial deltoid varies from person to person and most lateral raise machines are not designed to accommodate these differences. CYBEX has designed the Lateral Raise to align the muscle with the movement so that users are training the muscle they expect to.
  10. Eagle NX Leg Press - 20040

    Eagle NX Leg Press - 20040

    Stylishly advanced yet exceptionally sturdy. Fabricated to withstand thorough developments yet delicate on the joints. Intended for all wellness levels yet centered around individual results. The all-new Eagle – made with a sharp tender loving care – so you can get the results you have to outflank your competition

Items 31 to 40 of 232 total

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